Truth’s Journey

Truth is a never-ending journey

to begin the adventure boldly step forward,

come from the darkness into the light

where the shining sun exposes your dirt.

Powerfully it pierces through deceptions dictation,

breaking chains of seductive secrecies.

Truth declares you free,

strong in vulnerability; surrender your heart.

What does truth reflect?

Look in the mirror and tell us what you really see?

Sweetly bleeding from the scars you used to hide.

No longer rigid with robes of shame,

but wrapped in fluidity and freedom.

inhale in healing, exhale pain.

Set off on your voyage seeking revelations

as truth navigates you down the narrow path

you will meet courage as a companion.

Discover delight by the brooks of bliss

Pursue purity in the hilltops of hope

Feed off fruits from the tree of life.

Behold before you have found the treasure

the unfamiliar beauty of your soul,

begin discover the true depths of you.

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