Warrior of wisdom arise.

Awaken from sorrow’s spell.

Do not be weary.

Do not be downhearted.

Do not mourn for the loss,

for all is not lost.

I know you’re tired.

I know you’re fed up.

I know you’re fearful.

I know you’re confused

I know you’re bruised.

I know you’re bleeding.

But you must return to the battleground,

fight alongside your army.

Fight to the finish;

until you see, smell and taste triumph.

You think you’re weak but you are strong.

Embrace your strength it will help you endure.

Remember, you are a born warrior.

Warfare is built into your DNA.

The heart pumps victory into your veins,

the lungs inhale strength into your core;

your soul sings songs of survival.

The mind remembers battles of old that have been won.

The mouth chants verses of victory.

So take your indispensible weapons

put on every piece of armour,

carry your weapons in the belt of truth.

Defend righteousness with a breast plate.

Walk in the shoes of peace.

Hold up the shield of faith,

guard your salvation with your helmet

attack with the sword of the spirit.

Stand relentless in your given authority,


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