To be known

To be known, to be loved is the hearts deepest desire,

love that see’s the soul, sets the heart on fire.

Who can quench this thirst in a human’s soul?

We seek in all the places we think we know

but this treasure is found in the unexpected,

in the place we assume we are most objected.

He knows our heart and loves wildly

a glance into his burning eyes and all fears flee.

Arms open, welcoming and wide, patiently waiting in white

We stand dirty, filthy, yet in this he delights.

Accepted, included, embraced

In him identity is based.

Joy poured into shattered, empty and aching hearts

 adoringly he pieces us together to make a beautiful work of art.

Spirit jubilant and harmoniously sings,

Searching all along and he was that one thing!

Now known,loved,a fulfilled desire

He loves my soul and it has set my heart on fire.
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